Teach English In Poland!

Teach English in Poland and immerse yourself in one of the most amazing experiences Europe has to offer!

While TEFL jobs in Spain, France, Italy and Germany are inundated with qualified EU passport holders, Poland has lots of opportunities for TEFL teachers from non-EU countries such as America, Australia, Canada and (soon) the UK.

Why Poland?

Poland is rich in history. Europe's exotic Eastern nation is made up of mostly Slavic peoples whose roots go back to the first migrations of Indo-European steppe people into Europe some 6,000 years ago. This makes the Slavs of Poland part of the oldest population in Europe.

A tumultuous history which included barbarian invasions, Roman conquest and a gruesome medieval period has built the character that defines Poland today. During the fifteenth century, Poland was an eastern power and, together with Lithuania, conquered Russia and put their own monarchs on the throne in Moscow.

Unfortunately, most of Poland's cities were destroyed during the Second World War, first by the conquering Nazis and then by the liberating Soviets. Forty years of drab communist rule followed the war, and many parts of Poland retain the dreary look of Stalinist communism even today.

Things to See

While in Poland a trip to Warsaw is a must. This cosmopolitan, ancient European city is thriving with culture and nightlife. Since joining the EU, Warsaw has witnessed an economic boom that has brought wealth to the city and created a huge middle class. Glass skyscrapers share the skyline with baroque train stations and Stalinist apartment blocks.

Warsaw is a bustling city

For a more eye-opening, emotional experience, there are the Holocaust sites. Every English teacher in Poland must pay homage to 4 million Jewish men, women and children who were murdered in industrial killing centers in Poland. Belzec, Sobibor, Majdanek, and Treblinka were camps custom-made for murder. The Nazis dynamited the sites as they retreated from the advancing Red Army in 1945 but memorials exist today on the grounds of the former camps.

The most famous of the Nazi death camps in Poland, of course, is Auschwitz, just an hour's drive west of Krakow. Here nearly 2 million people were murdered or worked to death as slave labor. Most of the camp still stands as it was overrun too quickly for the Germans to destroy their evidence.


Auschwitz is an emotional site to visit but is a must for everyone who travels to Poland.


Poland has a thriving TEFL industry and most qualified English teachers have no problem finding a job with a secure contract in one of Poland's historic cities.

By The Numbers

English Schools:             100+

Student Age:                     average 8 years to 34 years old

Average TEFL salary:   $900 USD/month

Cost of Living:                  $450 USD/month


Teacher Benefits

  • Paid apartment
  • Visa sponsorship
  • Health insurance
  • Some schools offer flight reimbursement

The best places to find work in Poland are in the big cities. Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk and Wroclaw are just some of the larger urban centers with a high demand for qualified English teachers.

You can find jobs by searching Google or checking to our job boards for opportunities that come up from time to time. Jimmy ESL has a fantastic and growing list of recruiters all around the world looking for English teachers.

To apply, send your resume along with a cover letter and a recent photo (most TEFL employers require a photo) and wait for the interview offer. The best times to apply for jobs in Poland are in December and August. There's no point applying in September when the school year has just started.

Playing in Poland

The Polish people are fiercely independent and proud of their nation. Many larger powers have tried to destroy Poland several times in history and yet today Poland exists rich and strong and free.

For the religious, Poland is very Catholic. Ancient monasteries and convents can be found in every city and village across the nation.

Because Poland has such a rich history, museums and galleries abound. Some native Polish artists who feature prominently in galleries include Jan Matejko and Bruno Schulz. Of course, one can never get far from the music of Chopin while in Poland. He is a national hero.

Nightlife in Poland is a mix of Western European sophistication and Eastern European licentiousness. Every big city has a range of nightclubs, bars, restaurants and cafes and all the major DJs include Warsaw and Wroclaw on their tours. There is definitely something to do for everyone.

Alcohol is cheap and, like all Slavic nations, vodka is the main ingredient. Poles, Ukrainians, and Russians all argue over who first invented vodka, and while it's fun to debate the issue, drinking it is serious business. Make sure you get some pickles and black bread to wash down each shot!

Dating in Poland is laid back in that Eastern European laissez-faire attitude. Poland is famous for its beautiful blonde women and strapping men. Polish ladies are much more conservative and traditional than women in the west, and they use their femininity with great skill.

Polish men are "alpha" when compared the average boy in western nations, and pride themselves on being handy with tools and strong-willed.

One thing any visitor to Poland, especially from North America, will notice is that everyone dresses sharply. It's not uncommon for a pretty Polish girl to spend half an hour applying makeup, choosing the right outfit and shining her shoes all in order to walk to the store and pick up some bread.

In Summary

Poland is an amazing country for the enterprising English teacher to spend a year or more in. From its rich history and booming cities to its thriving TEFL industry and its gorgeous people, teaching English in Poland may be exactly what you're looking for!

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