New Scholarship Is Helping People Start Their TEFL Careers

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[November 21 2017]

A new scholarship offered by Premier TEFL and Angloville is helping hundreds of people obtain their TEFL certification and start paid internships in countries around the world.

The AngloTEFL Scholarship gives aspiring TEFL teachers the opportunity to study for their qualifications online and then practice what they learned in an actual school in Europe. The costs are covered by the scholarship and graduates are placed in a paid internship somewhere in the world.

Premier TEFL, an innovative online English-training company out of Ireland, partnered with Angloville to provide the scholarship. Succesful candidates complete 120 hours of recognized TEFL training online and then three weeks of observed teaching time at one of seven campuses in Europe.

The three-week practical observed teaching time takes place on one of seven campuses in England, Ireland, Malta, Krakow, Prague, Budapest or Warsaw. The scholarship covers all the costs of board and lodging. Candidates will need to cover their airfare.

The combined 500+ hour TEFL course means that new graduates are some of the most highly-qualified English teachers on the market.

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