German Is The World’s Most Lucrative Second Language

[Nov 28 2017] Research conducted by the TEFL Academy in October indicates that people who study German as a second language earn the most money than any other language.

The language school was able to compile a list of the 10 most lucrative languages to study. Although the list was geared towards those in the UK, global trends tend to show similar patterns.

Insider Monkey compiled research conducted by Investopedia and Business Insider to produce a very similar list to TEFL Academy's, with German taking the top stop for earnings.

English was in second place, although the studies did point out that the average earnings for ESL speakers may have a large margin of error due to the vast number of people who speak English around the world.

Arabic was in third place, followed by French in fourth place and Spanish in fifth place.

Japanese was close behind Spanish in overall earnings.

The Complete List (average earnings per year in US dollars)

  1. German    $46,231
  2. English     $45,614
  3. Arabic       $43,641
  4. French      $39,332
  5. Spanish    $38,705
  6. Japanese  $38,577
  7. Russian    $37,163
  8. Italian       $36,094
  9. Mandarin $35,115
  10. Korean      $34,566

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