Hi! I'm Nate!

Have you ever thought about teaching English overseas? Are you currently teaching in a foreign country and need a little help? Here are some of the questions people have asked me:

"How can I possibly teach English to people who don't speak any English?"

"How do I make sure that my employer is honest and that they'll honor the contract? What are some tell-tale signs of a bad employer in a foreign country?"

"How do I stay safe? How do I save money? How will I get over culture shock?"

"What's the first step I need to take to start travelling the world and teaching English?"

You have probably asked some of these questions at one point, and that's okay. You're not the only one. I started this blog to help people exactly like you, because traveling the world and teaching English is the best thing you'll ever do with your life, and I want to help you be successful and safe! My goal is to help every aspiring and veteran ESL teacher by sharing my knowledge and experience.

At 26 I was bored with my life in Ottawa, Canada. I had finished college two years before and the daily grind of North America was getting me down.  I set off overseas to teach English and changed my life forever. 10 years later I returned home to Canada. In that time I lived and worked in:

  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Russia
  • Poland

I also traveled to a lot of other countries, including Ukraine, Cambodia, Sweden, Austria, Germany, England and a few others!

Through trial and error I've learned a few things.

What This Blog Isn't

This isn't a sales blog. You won't find me relentlessly marketing useless products or services to you, although I do fund this site with the odd Google ad here and there.

Instead, when I suggest a company, it's because I know that what they offer will genuinely help you in your journey. I only offer eBooks that I've either read or written myself, and I only suggest services that I've used. I haven't actually used a lot of the services out there so you won't be inundated with sales pitches when you visit my site or join my mailing list.

What This Blog Is

This is an information site dedicated to helping you get out into the world to teach English. I want you to be safe and to build the most amazing memories you'll ever have.

You will find:

  • Everything you need to know about contracts
  • Reviews and guides to teaching in different countries
  • Interviews and advice from other experienced ESL teachers
  • Tips on delivering fantastic lessons and managing a classroom
  • Suggestions about which restaurants, bars, hotels and venues to visit (I've personally visited every place I suggest)
  • eBooks and other products that can better your experience