A Sample Resume To Land That Overseas Teaching Job

If you're looking to land that awesome opportunity teaching English overseas, then you'll need a good resume to separate yourself from the hordes of new graduates you are competing with. Use this handy guide to help you build the perfect resume and get that interview!

If you can appeal to the dollar signs in their head, you'll land a job fairly quickly!

Make Education First

When making your resume, be sure to focus on your academic highlights.

Experienced ESL teachers will be able to create an impressive resume with lots of references to books used, age groups, exams, and certifications. If you are new to the industry and don’t have much (or any) teaching experience, be sure to spruce up your resume with as many academic-sounding words as possible.

For both applicants, it is important to make “Education” the first section of your resume. I don’t think it needs to be stressed that correct spelling and grammar is of vital importance (and if I do need to stress this, then perhaps you shouldn’t be teaching English).

Make sure your resume concentrates on your education, certifications and any former training or teaching experience you have.

If you have none, include experiences from your life thus far that closely simulate teaching. If you once taught your kid brother to throw a baseball, add “Trained young learners in all aspects of team sports”.

Appeal To Money

The truth is that most ESL employers could care less about the substance of your resume. They care about how they can market you to their students, so if you can appeal to the dollar signs in their heads, you will land a job fairly quickly.

Sample English Teacher's Resume

Jane Doe

123 First Ave –Little City, CT – USA 123456 –phone: +1 (555) 123-4567 –email: janedoe@email.com

Organized and results-oriented ESL teacher with a passion for language instruction, communications and culture.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree in Art History  
  • International TESOL Certification with 20 hours of observed teaching time  
  • 2 years experience teaching water sports to children at YMCA/YWCA.  
  • Track record of being organized and punctual.  
  • Trustworthy with the ability to create a comfortable learning atmosphere for students of all ages.


TESOL Certificate                            F.U.N. College, Little City, CT

Formal study of teaching English to speakers of other languages. In-class setting focused on grammar, learning styles, classroom management, and testing. Performed 14 hours of observed teaching time. Passed with a grade of “A”.

Bachelor of Art History (2010) Big Giant University, LittleCity, CT

With a minor in Philosophy -  Formal post-secondary studies of art, history, philosophy, communications, economics and political sciences.

Related Experience

Children’s Water Sports Instructor   Little City YMCA/YWCA 2008-2010 

Taught classes of up to 14 children the rules and techniques of various in-pool sports. Effectively managed classes and maintained the safety and comfort of the children.

Client Services Professional  Starbuck’s 2004 –2010 Little City, CT  

6-years experience managing large groups of clients of all ages, delivering the company’s products and services in a timely fashion. Responsibilities included product preparation, communications, time-keeping, and cash-handling.


Ms. Janet Damnit, Academic Counsellor Big Giant University, Little City, CT

+1 (555) 987-6543

Email: janetdamnit@biggiantu.edu.com

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